Beard Care

Beard is the name given to the hair growing on the chin, cheeks, neck and upper lips of  men. Beard became obvius in men since  puberty. Women having hirsutismus may also develop a beard.

For men, beard is as important as hair, being the most significant accessory of the face. Thus, the most noticeable element of men's bodies  since puberty is the beard. Briefly they accept beard as a stronger sign of being a man, and they do their best to have thicker and more frequent beard strands.

Man thinks the best way to have abundant beard is by shaving more. This is partly true, but generally wrong. Frequent shaving is not the only way to have stronger beards. Frequent shaving does not make a stonger beard. Shaving just shortens the growing beard. You need to take the advantage of natural methods as you do for your hair.

Balanced and healthy nutrition is one of the basic solutions of all problems. Consuming healthy food will have a great feedback.

Everyone says garlic is beneficial and it's true. Here are the instructions: Have a good shave using e razor blade without cutting your skin. Crash some garlic and apply on your face. It will burn and that's normal. Clean with hot water after waiting for about 15 minutes. (Do not try this method if you have a delicate skin or cut the application short. Everyone has a different skin.)

Laser Epilation for Beard and Upper Beard Zone

For genetic reasons, some men have beard in the neck and cheekbone region, giving an undesired and irregular facial expression. Men started to prefer laser epilation techniques to get rid of these upper beards and beards at the neck and nape. Such a treatment provides a more regular expression on the face. It's also a good preference for men who have a heavy beard and need to shave each day.

Ingrown Hair at Beard

Ingrown hair is a disorder where the strand turns and grows in through the skin and causing pain. It's seen in young men with much body hair. It is possible to occur in any region, but it's mostly seen in beards, scalp, legs, slit between the legs and scrotum zone. Curly strands may be in grown and continue growing through the skin. Cut strands may bind on the skin after shaving and start to move in with pressure. The body treats it like a foreign substance, and infection develops.

- Products for cleansing the skin from dead cells can be used for ingrown hair treatment.

- Crèmes containing retinoid are used to avoid darkening and thickening.

- Crèmes containing corticosteroid are used to control the inflammation development.

- Antibiotics avoid infection development.