Some men maintain their hair all of their lives. However, with middle age or even younger, most men start to have hair loss and it goes through being bald. Healthy young men lose approximately 100 single strands per day replacing new ones. Going through older ages, hair tends to become thin and generally it results in alopecia.


Two thirds of men lose their hair with genetic factor and have ''men type'' alopecia. However, if your father is bald, that doesn't mean that your fate is clear. Genes may descend a ladder to one step down. And, of course, vice versa.
''Men type'' alopecia generally occurs gradually. Hair loss starts from sides of the forehead or from the top of the head, the round zone. It may be seen before age 20, but generally starts at middle age. On the other hand, hair loss of healthy men is still a mystery. Some researchers believe that androgenic hormones strangle the hair bulb and prevents strands' growth. Some others think that the fat produced by the body plugs the follicles and prevents nutrients to reach the hair.
Genetic Code
Hair shedding in men is totally a genetic problem. If a male individual is coded for hairlessness, changing the destiny is impossible, at least for now. Genetic engineering may handle it in the future.
Totally Responsible: De-hydro-testosterone (DHT)
If the reductase enzyme in hairy skin is at an abnormal level, testosterone's conversion to de-hydro-testosterone occurs that causes hair shedding.
The only reason of hair shedding in genetically coded men is testosterone's by-production. This by-product is called DHT (de-hydro-testosterone). What causes shedding is not directly androgenic hormone itself, but its by-product. DHT causes hair getting thinner and shedding.
Signs of Androgenic Alopecia
  • General thinning of strands,
  • Thinning of strands at the top of the head,
  • Shedding increasingly going on,
  • Hairless area of the scalp getting wider,
  • Decrease of hair's mass,
  • Seborrhea of forward scalp and forehead.
Course of Androgenic Alopecia
When DHT activates, hair starts shedding at the top and front of the head.The top area starts to open. Thick (terminal) strands are replaced with thinner bristles (vellus). These bristles lose their color with time and become invisible. However, follicles never disappear. This is such an important detail. All alopecia treatment methods go through the revitalization of these follicles.
Strands become miniature. Most men notice that their hair gets greasy in this period. The speed of hair loss is variable, but it sustains. Some patients lose their hair in 5 years' time. However the approximate time is around 15-20 years.
Consolation or Solution
Human beings search consolation for everything. Some bald men claim that they lost their hair because they have a lot of testosterone. It sounds good, but has nothing to do with reality!
Seventy percent of men complain about hair shedding. Half of them lose their hair before 50 years of age. They are affected by hair loss while they don't care about their skin. Shedding is the most significant sign of getting older for men. Thus, they do their best to repossess their hair.