Post-Operative Course

Post-op Course:

The night following the treatment, apply ice packs on temporal region and under eyes for 10 minutes in one hour intervals. This can minimize the potential risks of hematoma and edema formations in these regions.
No sexual activity for one week after the surgery.
The adherence phase for the follicular units takes place in the first three days after the procedure. In this course, patients must take care of their transplants, and are strictly advised to rest at home. Patients should mind their heads, and avoid driving, heavy works and sports, stress, and excitements of any type.      
Sleep on your back with your head elevated with pillows for one week after the surgery. Avoid sleeping in the prone position. Do not let the recipient site to rest on the pillow. 
Carbon monoxide enters the blood stream during smoking, and its affinity for hemoglobin is 200 times greater than oxygen. So, reduction in the level of oxygen transported to hair follicles can harm them. You should stop or minimize smoking 1 day before, and 4 days after hair transplantation. If you cannot do this; then, try not to inhale the smoke, just take the smoke in your mouth and blow it out, like non-inhaling smokers.
Put some ice on your forehead for the first 3 days after the surgery.  
You may notice some fallen hair up until the 8th day after the surgery; do not worry! You are not losing your hair. They are some hair clippings around or near the follicles transplanted. You can be sure that your hair follicles are safe unless you see fresh blood in the recipient site then. One drop of fresh blood in the recipient site means at least one of your follicles is damaged; so, be careful! Please protect the recipient sites against accidents, rubbing, and impacts of any type especially for one week after the surgery.
You can wear a hat 15 days after the procedure.
We recommend you to return to the clinic and have your hair washed here. However, patients, who are unable to do it, can follow the instructions to wash their hair on the third day after the surgery. First, apply the lotion and spread it over the recipient areas, massaging gently with your fingers in up and down direction. Allow the lotion to penetrate and soften your scalp for 45 minutes. Then, rinse the lotion, lather the shampoo in your hands, and wash your hair. Avoid using pressurized and hot water to rinse your hair. Use only your palms like pads to wash your hair, never use your fingertips and nails. Wash the donor areas with shampoo, massaging as you normally wash your hair. On the fifteenth day, when the scabbing is over, stop using the lotion, and use only your shampoo, massaging as you normally wash your hair.  Avoid using a hair dryer during this period. Scarring from the needles in the recipient area will partially disappear in 10-15 days. The recommended shampoo should be used every other day for at least one year.   

Physical Activities
You may enjoy swimming (at an indoor swimming pool) 15 days after the surgery.
You may take slow walks three days after the surgery. No power walking!
Avoid sports and physical activities that exert muscles in the head region.
You may enjoy physical activities and exercises that will not cause any traumatic head injury one month after the surgery.
Protect your scalp from strong sunlight, and avoid activities that may cause traumatic injuries for 4-6 weeks after the surgery.
No football playing for one month after the surgery.