Hair Loss

Seeing our hair shed in the sink or bathtub demoralizes us. But these are generally dead strands. They shed probably because new strands need to come out. Up to 50-100 single strand shedding per day can be accepted as normal. That's because up to 50-100 new single strands come out per day. We have approximately 100 thousand strands on our head. Even if you do not have any new strands coming out, all your hair's shedding will take 3 years. So you don't need to panic. It's important to determine the reason of the shedding, not itself.


As women who dye their hair know well, hair grows approximately 1 centimeter per month. You can notice that the speed of growing increases in spring and summer. Trees shed their leaves in autumn and the hair aspires them.


The growing ability of the hair comes from family roots. Some hair grows down to the hips while others cannot reach even the level of the ears. Seventy percent of the hair shedding of men has genetic reasons.


Hair Health

As a part of our skin, hair involves every recommendation related with the skin: Even healthy nutrition and -maybe- sports is included in this context. Shocking diets aiming to lose weight suddenly affect hair. Especially; lack of iron damages the hair health. Zinc, copper, Vitamin C, folic acid and Vitamin B2 supplies the essential needs of the hair.